I am delighted to announce that my book Lessons Learned? will be published on 17th May 2018 and can be ordered directly via these links from the publisher John Catt or via Amazon .

In an interview of a headship I was once asked whether I had any experience of leading and managing change. I struggled to remember any period during the last 40 years when I was not. Have we learnt the lessons from those experiences over the years or are there all kinds of nuggets to which we ought to pay attention amongst the flotsam of initiatives committed to oblivion as ministers and Secretaries of State have moved on. This question led me to reflect on a career which continues to be a privilege and a pleasure. Though nobody could deny that recent years in our schools have been tough, I am immensely proud of our education service and the awe inspiring work that goes on in our schools every day and I remain deeply optimistic about the future. I hope that readers will find some of my reflections and advice, the lessons I have learned from what I have and haven’t got right informative and helpful.