Many school leaders and governors have expressed outrage at the Prime Minister's proposal to reintroduce selective education and much has been written expressing why this is such a bad idea. If I was still a headteacher I would be sorely tempted to send a letter like this to the parents of our students:

Dear Parents,

In the context of the Prime Minister’s stated commitment to reintroduce selection into the English school system the Chair of Governors and I are writing to state the position of this school.

We are proud of the fact that we are a non-selective school with a truly comprehensive intake. Our student body is a rich and diverse community.

Our mission and responsibility is to have the highest ambitions for every single child to receive an excellent education, to achieve the best outcomes they can and to experience success. That means providing them with a solid grounding in academic knowledge and basic skills through a rich and broad curriculum offer together with numerous opportunities to develop their interests through our extra-curricular programmes.

Our students will progress into a vast range of different careers , continue to learn and build on their education in many different ways. On that journey some will need more help than others, some will be from more advantaged backgrounds than others. All deserve equal opportunities to access a quality education.

Our children display a vast range of skills and talents as they progress through the school and mature. At the heart of our ethos is the belief that every child has the potential to excel at something and we see it as our duty and privilege to nurture this. Our community is all the richer because of this diversity. We take great pleasure and pride in celebrating these many achievements.

We know that we do not always get everything right but remain committed to doing everything we can so that every child has access to an excellent education. We believe that this should be the right of every child in the country , not just the favoured few and that rather than segregating children governments should be doing everything they can to achieve this.

We absolutely reject the idea that the full potential of any child can be known at the age of ten. All children develop at different rates and it is vitally important that doors are left open for them in order to progress as far as they can.

We abhor the idea of writing children off or segregating them into different schools effectively labelling those who, at the end of their Primary Education have not displayed a particular stage of development. If a selective school were to provide places for a proportion of our intake that would automatically mean that another proportion would be labelled as failures. We would be devastated if your child were labelled in this way and are certain that you would be too.

If you feel there is anything more we can do to give your child the best possible start in life we will, as always, welcome your suggestions. In the meantime we assure that no child will be written off at this school and we would urge you to support us in opposing this policy.