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Brian wrote articles in each edition of ASCL’s house magazine Leader throughout his tenure as General Secretary. These can all be found here


December 2011


Feb 2016

Occasional blogs on ASCL website

Brian has contributed regularly to the ‘Union Address’ column in Sec Ed Magazine. Links can be found here but here is an example:

SecEd blog

April 2015

Reform annual journal

New learning – the next leadership challenge.

Sept 2014

Education Journal

The Cage is open

Issue 129 2011

Western Mail

Education in Wales must do better - discuss

August and December 2011

The Journey to Education Reform The Education Foundation

December 2011

Employer Ed Task Force

April 2012

Article for Publication coordinated by Charlotte Leslie MP

April 2013

FE week

Article on proposed technical baccalaureate

May 2013

Chapter in ‘Education in Britain after the
Coalition.’Palgrave 2015

Feb 2015

AQA essay on assessment

April 2015

Chapter in book published by National Education Trust: Self improving schools – the journey to excellence

March 2016

FE week

February 2016

Speeches to ASCL annual conference

March 2015

Article for CAPITA website

April 2014

Article for Future Leaders website

January 2016
Interview in Teach Talks Magazine Teach Talks Magazine September 2016

Brian's blog

Regular blogs on topical issues can be found here